Free Pick-Up Service Campaign☆

Gallery Café 花桃 HANAMOMO

Free Pick-Up Service Campaign☆

During the period of the Setouchi Triennale 2019,
we offer a free pick-up service!!!

Whoever doesn’t have access from the Yashima train stations to our shop –
both travelers and locals – can use this service. Please feel free to use it at this
opportunity and have a relaxing time surrounded by art at HANAMOMO. You can enjoy
ceramics and paintings and many other art works available ONLY HERE!!!

Pick-Up Course ☆JR Yashima Station ⇔ HANAMOMO
☆KOTODEN Yashima Station ⇔  HANAMOMO

✿How to use the service
Please make reservations for the free pick-up service by telephone, or email,
or reservation form on the HANAMOMO website.
TEL:  087-843-1686(Open SUN, MON, THU Only)
(Please let us know the date, arrival time, the place, number of persons, departure time,
your name, your contact number and email address.)

Reservation Form

✿Use terms
We accept it until two days before pm10 the reservation day.
(e.g. Your preferred date: Thursday, April 25 →
The reservation deadline: Until Tuesday, April 23 pm10)

The pick-up are only JR Yashima station or Kotoden-Yashima station and section
Pick-up service is available only one group per day (max 4 persons).
We can’t if you appoint other places.

✿Available day
THU April 25 2019 ― SUN November 10 2019
OPEN  SUN, MON, THU am11‐pm 5.
※JR Yashima station or Kotoden-Yashima station is takes about ten minutes to a shop.
※The staff put up the logo of HANAMOMO in front of a station and waits.
※In some case, we may not accept service for some reason even if opne.
Please be understanding of this.



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